Friday, 13 February 2015

Testing, testing... can anyone hear me?

Well, I know I'm an infrequent blogger but I never intended to be away so long!

So, where were we, oh yes sewing!  2014 did turn out to be a better year than 2013 but it got off to a slow start.  Radiotherapy knocked me for six and then I went straight back to work so I basically had no energy for the next few months.  But slowly, slowly  life got back to some form of normality and I started sewing again, kicked into action by a request from my nephews - the Mammoth Minecraft project, but that is for another post.

Fast forward to more recent stuff.  My daughter started school in September and she found the transition hard (thankfully things are much improved now).  Although she had been going to nursery for three days since the time she was tiny she suffered terrible separation anxiety.  Her teacher, two classroom assistants and the lady who runs the school breakfast club were so fantastic with her that when Christmas was approaching I wanted to make them something nice.

A photo on Instagram led me to the fabulous Lilipopo and it didn't take long for me to buy some of her gorgeous patterns and get stitching.  Once the embroidery was finished I used Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Zip Bags pattern

We filled them with chocolate and they went down a treat.

I enjoyed making them so much that I made a couple more for my sewing buddies

And then I remembered that I had still not got round to making anything for my Craft it Forward bods, which gave me the perfect excuse to make some more!  Yes I did get a little obsessed (I actually made another one for my hairdresser but I forgot to take a photo of that one) but they are so cute and so much fun to stitch.  And over the Christmas holidays I always try to be more sociable so it was lovely to have some handwork to do in the evenings.

They were well received which is the important thing and I definitely see more Lilipopo in my future!

Bye for now