Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mine! All mine!!


Well yesterday was a bit hectic - the wee chap went back to school (year 1) and luckily he was pleased to go back.  The little lady was less impressed about going back to nursery but luckily her best pal arrived at the same time as us so they ran off happily to play - tantrum averted!  Work was busy and then the rush to collect the kids.

So it was a nice little excitement to open the front door and see a card from the postman.  As I wasn't expecting anything else I was pretty sure it was my Brit Quilt Swap parcel.

Luckily on Wednesdays I work at home so after dropping off the kids I headed for the parcel office and then raced home.  Opening the box here is what awaited me:

So I opened it up and inside were

Gorgeous scraps, Green & Blacks Chocolate (my favourite!) and such a pretty package.  It didn't stay pretty for long as I ripped into it.  And then I actually let out an audible gasp

I am so happy that I got this fabulous mini from Mary of The Wool Palace - she really ticked all my boxes.  All the quilts in the swap were lovely but this is one  that I actually coveted.  When Mary first posted a picture of it I feel in love with it and am blown away that it is actually mine.

The picture doesn't do it justice - it is beautifully pieced and the Oakshott cottons glow against the linen background.

The swap was great fun and I'm so glad I took part.

Right I'd better get on with some work!


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Goodbye August

Wow I can't believe that it is the first of September already.

August has been fun but not very productive on the sewing front - the Olympics, our first year of school holidays which required some juggling, and the little lady's sleep (never great) going to pot again has meant that my time and enthusiasm for sewing was limited.

So in many ways I was glad I had signed up for the Brit Quilt Swap round 3 as it forced me to do at least a little bit of sewing.  It also meant I tried out some new things and generally has fun.

I'm so pleased with the final result:

I just hope my parter likes it!  It went off in the post yesterday along with a few extra goodies

Chocolate, fabric scraps and a pincushion made with my trial embroidery
 I will definitely join up for some more swaps in the future as it was a great experience - can't wait to see what I get!

Other sewing this month included a scrappy quilt for the cat - black cat and new cream sofa was not a good mix so this little number was produced.  I cut a 2.5"x5" piece from every scrap big enough and randomly pulled them out of a bag.  It is my first scrappy quilt and it turned out better than expected - I enjoyed seeing all the fabrics from the projects I've made over the last couple of years.
 It was also a chance to try out some free motion quilting without worrying about messing up - the stippling went surprisingly well, the pebbling and curved lines need more work!

I decided to try something other than quilts and Dolly was the result (we are not good at names in our house)

She is the Baby pattern from A Bit of Whimsy Dolls (her nappy & sleep suit are from the Baby Bunting pattern).  I'd highly recommend the pattern as it was straightforward (took me a couple of hours) and makes a lovely little doll - the little lady was well chuffed with her!

That is about it for August - I had hoped to have this baby quilt finished

but when I sat down to quilt it a couple of evenings ago my machine threw a wobbly and kept skipping stitches.  It seems only to be an issue when I try to FMQ - straight stitching is fine but curves or loops are a disaster.  I think it probably needs a service (at least I'm hoping that is all it needs).  So depending on what happens there September may or may not be more productive!

I'm linking up with

Lily's Quilts

and I'm off to see what everyone else has been up to.

Bye for now