Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What I've been up to

Gosh - over a month since I posted.  Things have conspired against me and September saw very little sewing going on.

Firstly my sewing machine threw a wobbly and started skipping stitches when I tried to do anything apart from a straight line.  I know from experience that this means it is time for a service.  No where in my town services machines but a my LQS takes them in and they are collected by the service engineer and then returned.  Last year when I enquired I was told they were collected once a fortnight so I dropped off my machine just before the appointed date.

This year I was told that I should just drop it in, they would call the engineer and he would collect it within a day or so.  So I dropped off my machine and waited ... and waited ... and waited.  It turns out I had been given the wrong info, the situation was still the same as last year and I had dropped off my machine, yes you guessed it, the day after a collection.  So I was without a machine for 3 weeks!

So what is a girl to do?  I did a little bit of embroidery and a lot of fabric shopping (hoorah)

From Saints & Pinners
Flea Market Fancy and Metro Circles

More shopping
And then when I got my machine back it was a big rush to make a quilt for my husband's boss who is expecting her first baby.  This was delayed a bit by a sad trip to Scotland for my uncle's funeral (expected as he has been ill for some time) and as a result there are no in progress shots but here is the finished article

Helix baby quiltHelix quilt - back

The pattern is Helix by The Tulip Patch (great pattern, even with all the HSTs I could definitely see myself making it again as the instructions are really clear and it went together easily).

Fabric: Klona cream and two prints from Pure Scandi collection.

Quilted with a simple straight lines on the diagonal.

I've also finished another baby quilt (it just needed quilting and binding) but the weather has been miserable the last few days that I've not been at work so no photos yet!  I'm working at home tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some then.

Bye for now


  1. what a smashing quilt. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope you are ok

  2. Your quilt looks great - love the colour combination.

  3. Wow 3 weeks!!
    The quilt looks amazing and what a fun set of new fabrics =D

  4. Well of course you had to indulge in a bit of retail therapy when your machine went missing for 3 weeks :) Your quilt looks lovely I really like that Pure Scandi collection.

  5. I love this baby quilt! I may try my hand at one like that - I have 3 babies to make quilts for this summer, and I'm shopping around for ideas.