Monday, 14 January 2013

Making progress and a giveaway


Well we had some snow today which excited the kids no end.  Not enough to cancel school but it really started coming down around 3pm so the kids went straight out in the garden when we got home.  We had a snowball fight and the wee chap's aim has seriously improved!  The little lady mainly just ate snow.

Anyway I don't know if it is the influence of signing up to the Finish Along but I resisted the lure of something new and sewed up the giant Lynne Bob Squarepants block that I'm making into a cushion (using Lynne's tutorial here).

I quilted 1/4 inch either side of any seams between background and print.  I usually quilt cushions much more heavily and had intended to with this one but I do like how this emphasises the block design.  I'll have a think about it for a couple of days and decide whether to leave it or do some more.

I've also signed up for the Sister's Ten Modern BOM that Gen X Quilters.  I'm using Madrona Road in the ocean colourway and I've done my January blocks

There are some gorgeous examples popping up in the Flickr pool.  It always amazes me how varied the same block can look in different fabric choices!

And finally a little giveaway - it is just over a year since I started blogging (I thought it was a year ago today but when I checked it was actually the 12th January 2012) and although I am not the most regular of bloggers I do enjoy being able to look back over what I've made and I particularly appreciate all my lovely readers.

So I'm as a little thank you I've got a couple of things for you:

A zip pouch (made using Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Zip Bag pattern) and two fat quarters of Summersville which was one of my favourite collections of last year.  The pouch is about 9" by 9" in size and is lined with hot pink fabric.

Just leave me a comment, any comment for a chance to win but if you feel like it you could tell me where you think my blog name comes from.

Giveaway closes 6pm GMT on 21st January 2012.

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  1. Loving your blocks - your colour combo is delicious! Your blog name - my guess would be that when you were a kid you would giggle and your parents would call you a Silly Banana! Wonderful giveaway!

  2. I always always think of Eric, banana man when I see your blog title. I loved that programme!

  3. For some reason when I see your blog title I tend to think of Phoebe off Friends changing her name "Princess Consuela Bananahammock"! But I expect there is a much less tenuous reason for your name than that. Love the Lynne Bob Squarepants - I have got to make myself one of those one day. Such a cool block - I think the simple quilting suits it very nicely x

  4. You have been busy making some awesome creations!! Love your fabric choices too! Thanks for the chance to win some fantastic prizes to celebrate your first year blogging!!!

  5. I love your blocks.. I have no idea... But I think it a personal thing related to our self :D

  6. I like how you quilted the pillow front, I don't think it needs anything else. It is beautiful.

  7. Congrats on the anniversary! I think perhaps your blog name is nickname related? Whatever it is, it's a memorable one. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  8. Happy Bloggiversary.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Happy one year! I think your cushion is going to be adorable! Your blog name? I am trying to think of any fabric I have seen with bananas on success! So, I am stumped!

  10. I love your Sisters' Ten blocks! I really need to get going on that project, otherwise I'll never be able to keep up with it. And I agree on Summersville--it was one of my favorites from last year as well!

  11. Love those blocks! So pretty!

  12. Congratulations!
    Is your blog name a childhood nickname??

  13. I love your Sisters Ten blocks, I have some of that collection and have been wondering what to do with it! Did your first attempt at sewing look like a silly banana?

    Congratulations on your first blogiversary!