Sunday, 7 April 2013

Finish along Q1 results


she can quilt

Well leaving it to the last minute but here is my progress report!  I set myself a reasonable goal of four items (post here) at the beginning of the quarter but I've only managed to finish two.  Both kids have been sick and then I caught a flu bug at the end of February which left me totally wiped out for a couple of weeks afterwards.

On the plus side I managed to complete a new quilt top and make two bags - just a shame they weren't on my list!

So here we go

1) Siblings together quilt


Although only just as I finished the binding this morning!
Siblings Together quilt
Siblings Together back

I'm soooooo glad it is done and annoyed with myself for letting it sit so long.

2)  Memory quilt

Not finished.

I have made some progress - all the blocks are done and I have a layout (I've actually remade the dark red blocks in pale blue as the red was too dominant).  This one will roll over to Q2 as we are going up to Scotland at the end of May and I want to take it up with me.

Layout for my aunt's memory quilt

3) Alice Mixtape Quilt

Not finished.

In fact no progress (well I now have backing fabric) and this one won't make it into Q2 as I have other more pressing things to do.

4) Lynnebob Squarepants pillow


I had no excuse with this as it was the smallest item on my list.  It will shortly be posted off to its new home.
Lynnbob Squarepants pillow finished!

So all in all I'm okay with how things have turned out but I've got big plans for Q2 - lets hope that things go more smoothly the next few months!



  1. Congrats on your finishes, the Siblings Together quilt has turned out really well.

  2. You did great, two beautiful finishes! The zig zag is really lovely!