Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Definitely NOT a quilting post

I know those of you that stop by here occasionally do so for quilt & sewing related stuff so I just wanted to let you know that this post will not be about that.

I've thought long and hard about whether to post this here are it was never my intention for this space to be too personal but rather a record of my sewing exploits.  But sometimes things happen and life gets in the way of your plans and I just decided I'd rather be open.

In the middle of May I found a lump and after a battery of tests it was confirmed on 31st May that I have breast cancer - only a small tumour but it has spread to my lymph nodes.

Needless to say it was a bit of a shock - the whole 'why me?' stuff went through my head - I'll be 40 next week (not exactly the present I was after!) and I have two small kids.  But after a few days and a few tears we got over the initial bombshell and started to get on with things.

The initial plan was surgery followed by chemo but further scans revealed a number of additional tiny tumours, which doesn't change my prognosis but did change the treatment plan so now it is chemo first.  I started last Friday and although I wouldn't do it by choice it wasn't as awful as I feared.

I'm lucky that it has been caught early, that I have an excellent chance of survival and that I have a wonderfully supportive husband, family and group of friends.

And I live close to a centre of excellence for cancer treatment and have a fab oncologist who has arranged for me to have my second dose of chemo on Monday 22nd July rather than Friday 19th July as originally scheduled so that I can still go to the Fat Quarterly Retreat - woohoo.

So in all likelihood I'll be the one wearing a selection of little hats.  And guess what - you can even get Liberty print chemo beanies!  Every cloud.........

Right, there we go.  Now that is dealt with normal sewing service can resume!

Take care


  1. My prayers are with you (i'm in treatment too). You're gonna do just great!

  2. Lovely Sarah. Thank you for your brave post. Good luck with everything. I intend to give to a massive hug at the fqr. You have been warned!

  3. Crikey Sarah you're right about that not being the 40th birthday present anyone would want! Well done for taking it in your stride - I'm sure there will be lots of ups & downs over the next few months but I hope FQR will be one of the ups and we can all give you a big hug! Terri (Mish Mash Mama) had just been through cancer treatment at last year's FQR and seeing how supportive her Bee group had been was very moving. We are all behind you - quilting versus cancer - you will beat this!

  4. Wow, that must have been a terribly shocking discovery. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  5. Very brave of you to share this here. You hang in there girl. See you at FQR :)

  6. Looking forward to seeing you and your beanie there, thank you for sharing. Thinking of you and trusting for the best.

  7. Thinking of you and beaming you lots of good wishes. Hope you can unwind a little and have lots of fun at FQR.

  8. Oh darl. I am gutted to hear about the cancer. Thinking of you and sending lots of healing wishes your way.
    So glad that your oncologist sorted it so that you can go to the Retreat. See you there.

  9. Reading your posts in reverse Sarah, so just found out what your pesky health issues are. Sorry to hear that your big birthday present wasn't quite what you had in mind. Sounds like you have lots of support and expertise around you, will be rooting for you as you tackle all the challenges ahead.

  10. Personally I think its a ploy to get the best bed in our room at FQR - love you honey, be picking you up in a few hours for the fun to begin x