Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WIP Wednesday & Small blog meet

A new month and a productive week!

Thanks to my lovely husband taking the kids out for a long walk on Sunday I managed to get the bulk of the quilting done on my batik quilt and then I got it finished up last night.

I wanted something other than straight lines but I'm no where near ready to try free-motion quilting on something I actually want to use!  So I tried some of the decorative stitch patterns on my sewing machine and I was really love how it turned out.  I used a variegated thread (YLI Mediterranean) which was the perfect combination of colours.

I did alternate rows of two different patterns.  The patterns mirror on the two halves of the quilt - basically because there was no way I could fit the entire bulk of the quilt through my machine.

I did have a little 'help' with the quilting.  When they got back from their walk my 2 year old decided that Mummy had spent enough time sewing and she wanted a hug - as I was mid row I let her sit on my knee and help hold the fabric and push the start/stop button.  And of course when my 4 year saw that then he wanted a turn too!

Binding is made and I'm hoping to get it bound tonight.

I also finished the quilt top for my Alice Mixtape quilt.  I'm so glad I did because it has turned out so nice and not nearly as wonky as I had convinced myself it would be.

New projects

Baby boy quilt - a friend had a baby boy yesterday so I'm at the planning stage.  I've found a nice bundle of fabrics and am trying to decide between two patterns.  This one will jump up the list as I want to be able to send it to her as soon as possible.

I also started making a cushion for my wee girl.  I made a cushion for her brother last year that matches his quilt (it was just 4 sample blocks I made to try out new things before I made the quilt) but they both like it so I thought I'd use up the left over HSTs from my pinwheel baby quilt
The blue block will need to be unpicked - I shouldn't start things late at night as I was tired and tried to rush it and my seam went wonky!

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  1. The quilting on the batik quilt is inspired, it really goes well with the fabric.

  2. wow .. I just love the colours of your batic quilt, so bright and brave and ahhh just great - I never thought of keeping left overs from quilts to make matching cushions (I will from now on have to keep track of that)

  3. Love your Alice mixtape quilt. So cute!

  4. Love the mixtape quilt! You have to love little helpers ;)

  5. I'm loving the mixtape quilt, it is so bright and happy!

  6. I also love that MixTape quilt, great job - blog hopping from Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet

  7. Hi just stopped by from the small blog meet and can't wait to see more of your blog. I love the Alice mix tape quilt and the last block is super cute!! Look forward to following you and when you get the chance would love for you to stop by my blog and have a peek. I hope your having a wonderful day!

  8. Your Alice Mix Tape Quilt looks great!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Sarah, I like the zig-zag pillow you are making, I like the bright colors, this is one quilt I'd like to make. I'm checking out the blogs on the small blog meet, please take a moment to check out my blog.