Saturday, 14 January 2012

Joining in

Well my main resolution for 2012 (quilting wise at least) is to join in more with the online quilting community.

I've been so inspired over the last year by the wonder quilts posted online and I've been helped by tips and tutorials (the majority of the quilts I've made so far have been whole or in part from free patterns that generous bloggers have provided.

But I've been a bit selfish, as I seldom comment and I feel a bit bad about that - so my aim for 2012 is to leave comments and get involved in a couple of projects online.

First off is the Somewhere over the Rainbow Charm Swap hosted by Emily of Strawberry Patch

I was too late for the first round but luckily Emily decided to run a second round - yeah! I've been greedy and grabbed two spots so here are my contributions

 I love them, although I was surprised about how much I worried about other swap members' reactions too them - luckily comments have been positive so far.  The other fabrics posted so far look gorgeous and I'm really excited about what a lovely quilt they are going to make.

In the meantime I'm busy working on a baby quilt for the new son of a school friend.  At the quilting stage so will hopefully post soon.


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