Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WIP Wednesday

Thought I'd join in with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced

I've made progress on a couple of things this week:

Somewhere over the Rainbow charm swap
Charms have been cut and posted to Emily

Batik Fire Escape quilt

Basted and ready for quilting.  Pattern is Fire Escape by Terry Atkinson.  Fabrics are a selection of batiks my mum brought me back from the US last year.

Alice Mixtape quilt

This one has been hanging around for ages but I'm finally making progress.  This is the quilt that taught me that you really DO need an accurate 1/4 inch seam.  It was the fifth quilt I started making. 

Quilt one corner points didn't meet but it was my first quilt so I wasn't that bothered - I was just so excited to have made it!

Quilt two was a sliced coin quilt and three and four were baby quilts using Oh Fransson's Charm square pattern - all of these are very forgiving as there are no points or seams to match up.

So for number five I chose Oh Fransson's Mixtape quilt as it looked fairly straightforward for a relative beginner.  And it all seemed to be going so well until I started joining the blocks into rows.  Because some of the blocks are rotated through 90 degrees I started to realise that there was a bit of variation in size but I pressed on regardless.  Then when I started to join the rows it became clear that the blocks did not line up nicely.  I unpicked a few and resewed without much success.  I got frustrated and dumped the rows in the cupboard.

However I then went through all the steps to check my seam allowance - it was not 1/4 inch (no surprise there)!  So I adjusted and checked and adjusted until it was.  And what a difference it made - my piecing has been so much easier and crisper.

So this week I decided that the Alice quilt should stop languishing and see the light of day - I love the fabric and the design and although I've unpicked a couple of the worse blocks I've decided that I'll just finish it and it can be a reminder of how far I've come over the last year.  And the funny thing is that now that the rows are joined it doesn't look nearly as wonky as I thought it would!

No progress
SCBU charity quilts - just need binding so really should sort them out
Bed quilt - all cut out, need to start assembling

Now I'm off to have a look at everyone else's  progress


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