Thursday, 12 January 2012

Taking the plunge

Well after a year of avidly reading quilting blogs I decided to jump on in and start one of my own.  I'm not expecting to post that regularly or to be widely read but I've had so much inspiration from other bloggers and have been beginning to feel like a bit of a parasite - taking and not contributing anything.  And if nothing else it will be a record for me of how my quilting has (hopefully!) progressed.

So to start - a little  bit about me and how I got into quilting.

I'm 37, married and a transplanted Scot living in Cambridgeshire.  I started quilting in October 2010.  With two small children and a busy part time job, I was beginning to feel I never did anything that was just for me.  I used to cross stitch but just didn't seem to have any enthusiasm for that anymore.

So I bought a copy of Making magazine hoping for some inspiration and that issue happened to feature patchwork & quilting.  I was amazed at the designs & fabrics and thought I would have a go at the simple charm pack quilt project featured.

So I bought my fabric online and away I went - I loved it.  Ten days later I had a quilt - it wasn't perfect (my 1/4 in seam left a lot to be desired!) but I was still amazed by how good it looked.

Pattern - Issue 2 Making magazine
Fabric - Birdie by Me & My Sister

Since then I've been hooked and over the last year I've made 7 quilts and spent countless hours drooling over fabric and reading blogs.

So there we go - the start of my quilting journey.  Hopefully I'll be back soon with my hopes & plans for the year ahead.


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