Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Giving something back - Siblings Together

So many fabulous fabrics, so many wonderful patterns, so many generously provided free tutorials. We quilters are a lucky bunch to have access to so many goodies and such a great online community.  I've only been quilting for 18 months and blogging for 3 but I've been touched by the help & support I've received

But maybe you wonder what to do with all your quilts, to repay a little of the generosity shown (definitely) or want to use your quilting to help others?

Well Lynne of Lily's Quilts has had a great idea.  Now I'm quite sure if you read this blog you also read hers - if not, why not?  Seriously it is a fab blog.  In fact you should head over there right now now to read about her plan to gather quilts for Siblings Together

Maybe you have a quilt that you fell out of love with whilst making; one that you love but don't use that needs a new home; a WIP that has been sitting sad and uncompleted, passed over for something new and exciting.

Or maybe, like me, there are patterns you'd like to try or fabrics you'd like to use that wouldn't fit in your home.

Then why not donate, finish or start a quilt and help Lynne gather enough quilts (around 50) to send each of the kids home from camp this summer with one. 

I'm thinking about this one:
Or this one:
Or this one:
Or maybe this one:

All from Moda Bakeshop

I've seen how much my kids love snuggling in their quilts when they are tired or sad - wouldn't it be nice to give that sort of comfort to these kids, who may have been bereaved or experienced the uglier side of human nature?

Surely that is worth little bit of our fabric and time?


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  1. I think it's an amazing idea and have a quilt in mind to pledge :)